2021-2022 Getting Back To Running

ACAC Championships 2019

As the sun crested the horizon this morning Its thin pitiful rays provided some small source of warmth to the Viking horde as they forged their treacherous journey to the ACAC championships. Woken at the crack of dawn, minds filled with the gravity of the task ahead, the Vikings now beheld the sight revealed before them: a Deerfoot trail covered with a sheet of icy glass, its slick sheen a constant reminder of the perilousness of travel in the north. But you wouldn’t know it for the revelry and cheer that filled the cabin of their transport. Morale was as high as ever for the Vikings as they knew soon, they would be unleashed to do what they do best: run. The excitement redoubled as they finally reunited with the scouting party that had made the odyssey the night before, lead by their fearless leader: Coach Gerhard Lotz. Some did question how our ‘speedy’ scouts managed to show up to the racing grounds second to the main horde, given their half day head start, but these questions were quickly brushed aside as irrelevant by our leader.

Warmup went as smoothly as it could given the déjà vu inducing conditions of the Calgary course. Before they knew it, the women were up, ready once again to show the men how a Viking runs. Reese Bendiksen certainly taught this lesson best as she ran not only to earn a fifth place finish (with a time of 25:00) but also a rookie of the year award. An honour that surprised the rest of the Vikings much less than it appeared to surprise her; any who had felt her speed knew she deserved it. The rest of the team followed literally in Reece’s snowy footsteps (fueled by their male counterpart’s award-winning mascot) to an impressive forth place overall showing.

Catherine Alcorn: 27:43
Anne Mirejovsky: 27:53
Linda Raduner : 29:22
Sarah Hicks: 30:05
Anika Chessal: 30:44
Haley Kwan: 30:52
Mia Spreen: 32:25
Kylie Peake: 33:29

Before the men hit the starting line the Vikings gathered for their elaborate, impressive, intimidating, fear inducing, bone chilling, downright terrifying, should-really-be-patented-before-another-team-gets-the-wits-to-use-it-against-us, Viking cheer (no seriously SAIT don’t get any ideas, you’ve already ripped off our colour scheme, don’t push it). It was no doubt this patent pending cheer that fueled the men to a spectacular 3rd place finish as a team. This accomplishment was naturally headed by the golden flowing locks belonging one Michio Green, who captured himself a second-place win with a time of 27:27.

Nathanael Tabert: 29:23
Benjamin Osorio: 30:19
Ben Nawrot: 30:19
Noah Day: 31:09
Samuel Nawrot: 31:13
Dawson Fenrich: 31:35
Braeden Kelly: 32:19
Jonas Stoll-Pott: 35:30
Timothy Shapka: 35:48
Jackson Sweder 35:50

Unfortunately, Michio ran too hard for the team’s own good, as he had no water left in his body left to produce for the doping agents who arrived on site. He had to undergo a lengthy, lengthy process of being rehydrated before the weary Vikings could leave.

Ravaged after a battle hard fought the Vikings forged their way (with only the slight assistance of a generous SAIT bus) to the banquet they so well deserved. They then proceeded to completely ignore and do absolutely no goofing off in relation to any ornate, orb filled, decorations. Consummate
professionals and adults to the last man and woman we were. And with that we were off, ready to keep hard at work for the final push of training to prepare for nationals in the far off and exotic land of Grand Prairie.

-Timothy Shapka:

Who thanks the Augustana Vikings for the unparalleled comradery, motivation, and inspiration that every last one of them gave him in his time with them. He will never forget their adventures.